Everybody needs a stern talking to now and then. 

I’m a teenager.

Trust me, I’ve gotten my fair share of lectures.

Most of them coming from my Mom when I  broke curfew or when I disobeyed her by not doing the dishes before she got home. 

Most of them went in one ear and out the other.

As a teen I have learned that sometimes all you can do is sit there and nod your head, apologize and move on. The deed was already done and the only way to go is forward. 

While most of my lectures have been given to me by my Mom every once and a while I get one from somebody that doesn’t take care of me on a day to day basis. 

I shouldn’t say lectures. Reminders is a better word. 

Reminders that while I may not always care about myself fully, somebody out there does. 

Depression often causes me to not care about myself. I brush my teeth and take showers. I make sure my laundry is clean (maybe not folded, but clean) I stay on top of my grades and social life but I struggle with caring for myself. I often battle thoughts that maybe I deserve bad things. I have learned that those thoughts aren’t coming from me but straight from the pit of hell. 

I sit in my room every night and verbally remind Satan that he does NOT have control of me. But it’s a daily battle. A battle that I lose at times. 

Earlier today I went to chat with two people  whose opinions I value greatly. 

After discussing with them some of the choices I have recently made they gave me a reminder. 

A reminder that everybody makes mistakes, but that I need to be careful that I’m not making too many. 

A reminder that while I might not care about myself 100% of the time there are people that do. 

A reminder that God has given me strength to do all things, even the things I may not want to do.  

This reminder did not go in one ear and out the other. This reminder has been festering in my brain since the moment I heard it. This wasn’t a I’m mad at you and need to vent my anger reminder. This was a You are better than this reminder. 

Something I didn’t nessesarly want to hear. But something I needed to hear.

And for that I am grateful. 


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